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Expert in SEM and PAID

Expert in SEM and PAID – SEO and SEM implementation On-page and off-page optimization Google Analytics and Search Console, the industry’s most popular tools, are used to track and measure results.
Reporting on the outcomes is a time-consuming process. Knowledge of digital marketing is required in order to link plans with those of other departments.

Youtube video positioning and optimization CRM strategy development and implementation. Sponsored campaigns or paid advertising on Google and other results-oriented platforms require SEM development strategies.

Extensive paid campaign analytics experience to advise customers on the appropriate action plans depending on outcomes.

Implementation of analytics plans on a technical and strategic level. Offer of employment In the business Alpha Publicidad Exterior SL in Caracas, we offer a job of Expert in SEM and PAID for the Marketing Advertising Communication sector.

Salary is determined by your experience and the industry’s average salary. Now is the time to update your resume and apply for this position.


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