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What does an SEO agency do? The big question of the 21st century

What does an SEO agency do? The big question of the 21st century – What exactly does an SEO firm do? The great question of the twenty-first century

Put yourself in the hands of an SEO agency and keep yourself updated if you want to develop your internet strategy.
What if you were to do SEO here, SEO there, what if you were to do SEO plan for search engines… We already have a good understanding of what this concept entails and how important it is. However, aside from striving to place a website in Google’s first results, you’ve probably questioned what an SEO consultant or firm actually performs.
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We’ve always advocated for using pros to assist you achieve strong online positioning (either SEO or PPC), as long as they help you get results and are completely transparent. As a result, we’re revealing some of our most sensitive secrets today: what exactly does an SEO agency do? Secrets are no longer hidden:
“The customer comes first” is a mythological term that can be applied to this industry as well. First and foremost, a good SEO agency must spend hours communicating with its client and drawing the most important business conclusions in order to understand the starting point: what the client’s objectives are, what products or services it is interested in promoting to a greater extent, what concerns you the most, what you do not want to change under any circumstances, and an endless list of questions, because the client comes first, yes, but each one is unique and unrepeatable.
An examination of the current situation
Once the trajectory that the client has had and their point of view is recognized, a professional SEO agency analyses what their present condition is to develop a context in which to work. This comprises competitor research, keyword research, setting and setting goals in Google Analytics, website status and identifying areas for improvement, popularity analysis, and, if not already validated, ownership verification in Google Webmaster Tool.
Periodic review and internal communication
As we know, SEO is not a precise science, nor can the same strategy be used to all clients. In addition, it is a progressive and continually changing process. For this reason, a professional SEO service must analyze from time to time what actions have been carried out, what results have been produced and what the future steps are. For all this to make sense, an agency must connect the SEO strategy with its social media and content strategy, thus it is vital to agree on all these departments or managers.
SEO activities
Of course, the most crucial role of an SEO agency is… To accomplish SEO! It is crucial to start with a context and work towards specific objectives, but the most important thing is to do SEO. Organic positioning in Google is a slow process, therefore it takes ongoing work and optimization. Once the guidelines are created, they must be followed and carried out to the letter so as not to be left behind.
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The work must be done with common sense, a lot of attention and a lot of prudence. In addition, a competent online positioning agency must continually be educated and aware of possible changes in the Google algorithm (or other search engines), as well as new information, trends or technologies.
Reports and analysis of outcomes
As we indicated, a frequent examination of the client’s “SEO position” is vital, but it is also necessary to evaluate the specific outcomes that have been acquired. A competent SEO agency should do it at least once a month, not only to notify the client of their results, but also to be able to draw conclusions about the job done and proceed towards one path or another. For this, it is required to construct KPIS (or indicators) depending on the objectives established.
An SEO agency does not work for itself, it works for its customer and the client has every right to be informed about any advances or setbacks. Before we noted that internal communication is crucial in an SEO agency, since exterior contact with the client is even more so. For this reason, a competent SEO should meet with his customer from time to time and analyze the results and next actions with him, possibly he also has to tell you about prospective turns or changes in his objectives. In our opinion, as long as it is possible, it is best to meet face to face, people understand each other by chatting!


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